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Unlike many crops, hemp can be grown in most locations and climates. It does not require much by way of input nor any upkeep between drilling and harvest. The following outlines the basic technique used for hemp cultivation.

This should be similar to a cereal bed and free from weeds. A stale seedbed made in March and cleaned before drilling during late April / early May is needed. Fertiliser, preferably organic, needs to be worked into the seedbed.
The seed must be drilled with a conventional 4-inch cereal drill into moisture up to a depth of 2 inches. The field should be rolled after drilling. Hempseeds can be drilled or broadcast.

Usually this would be early September. Here, three processes are required: Cutting, Turning and Baling. The crop is cut with a mower (disc mower / drum mower would be enough) or a swather leaving behind a 6 – 8 inch stubble. Turning is done with a single-wheel rotary rake about two weeks after cutting when sufficiently retted (rotted). It is then turned again in front of the baler and made into round bales. Typically it takes one month from cutting to baling.

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