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Hemp is among the most productive and useful plants ever known to man. It has been cultivated for thousands of years and has played a prominent part in many ancient economies. Grown on a commercial scale till the last century, hemp provides a sustainable alternative to many oil-based products. It can also be used to make a variety of products from bread to varnish to car fuel. Not only is hemp a valuable
crop, it is very eco-friendly too. And unlike many crops, it can be grown in most locations and climates with minimum water and fertiliser requirements.
While hemp is produced in the US and UK in a limited commercial scale, the knowledge and awareness is yet to reach India. HempIndia.com aims to provide information about this ‘magic plant’ in the country. Although now we are limiting ourselves to creating awareness and carrying updated news on hemp and related issues, soon we will make HempIndia.com a hub where enthusiasts can meet, discuss, share opinions and place orders for hemp products.
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Hemp can be grown inexpensively, and harvested easily, and used not only for making paper, but the strongest rope, and the longest lasting clothing, and even some of the most effective medicines your planet can provide. (From ‘Conversations with God’, Book Three, by Neale Donald Walsch.)