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William Shakespeare wrote on hemp paper.

The first draft of the Magna Carta and the King James Bible were written on hemp paper.

Rembrandt, Van Gogh and other world-famous painters primarily painted on hemp canvas with hemp-based paint.

Till 1800, hemp oil was the most consumed lighting oil in the world.

Henry Ford’s original car, the Model T, was built from a mixture of plant resins, including hemp.

Hemp has even been found to have been used as a cementing agent in a 6th century bridge in France.

The decline of the use of hemp could be traced to the 1930s when United States banned marijuana and Du Pont patented their new product, the ‘plastic fibre’.

Armani is among many designers all over the world designing clothes made of hemp.

Bill Clinton, during a flight, was served hemp beer.


Famous car manufacturers like Ford, Vauxhall, Mercedes Benz and BMW are all testing hemp for their car manufacture.

The Body Shop has an entire hemp cosmetics range.

Terry Waite has build a house out of hemp.

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